Genedator's features:
  • Java 6
  • platform independent
  • plugin based
  • four output formats: CSV, SQL, XML, XLSX
  • plugin API - everyone can create own plugins
  • complete help for application and each plugin
  • freeware for commecial and non-commercial use - LGPL license
  • downloading plugins in easy way via Plugin Manager

About Genedator

Genedator is Open Source project hosted on SourceForge. Main goal of this project is creating application that allows generating sample - realistic data. Data generated in this way can be used in database by developers or testers.
Generating data during development process can be embarrassing. Genedator allows to generate relistic - sample data in simple way. Tables of your database can be filled quickly with data generated by Genedator.
Using Genedator you can generate e.g. email addresses, country names, descriptions, random numbers, town names and others sets of realistic data. Moreover you can create your own custom generator of data.
Genedator is application created in Java language. It is plugin-based application. Each generator is independent plugin which is dynamically loaded and recognized by Genedator application. Genedator application can be considered as a framework. Inside this framework plugins can be runned so data can be generated.
Genedator application has API, so everybody can create own generator as a plugin. Description of this API is located in Genedator help ("Creating own plugins").
Genedator supports 4 output formats: CSV, SQL, XLSX and XML.